Whole Brain Sales Development

Neeting Brain Instruments

External Sales

  • Activity Management
  • High Performance Communication
  • Pre-Closing
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Care

Desk-based Sales

  • High Performance Communication
  • Pre-Closing
  • Customer Care
  • Team Leader Development
  • Intensive Coaching
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Here are a series of case studies, further details can be obtained on request from the key account contact.

Client A (Buy-to-Let Mortgage Lender)

Key Account Contact : Neil France

Scenario: A relatively new sales team only selling mortgages via packagers (wholesalers)

Training/coaching solution: Following the appointment of an old client of Genesis’ to the role of Sales Director we had a series of meetings with him and determined the most appropriate content for a first training session.

Results: The results spoke for themselves as in Year One sales rose from a low 400 million pounds to 1.5 billion pounds with only five external sales people. They were refocused upon prospects that would deliver the type of business the company needed and then given the techniques to wrestle this business from their competitors.

Client B (Large Direct-to-Consumer Mortgage Broker)

Key Account Contact : Angie Glanville

Scenario: Mortgage Company selling direct to the consumer via the telephone needed to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Retain staff
  • Recruit
  • Train and develop new staff
  • Develop managers

Training/coaching solution: Genesis Business Services solely managed and implemented regular intensive one-to-one coaching with advisers.

Trained and then coached new advisers who had no previous mortgage experience. Coached and worked with managers to effectively manage their teams. All included regular review sessions

Results: Increased performance 100% within 6 months

Client C (Bank)

Key Account Contact : Neil France

Scenario: This bank decided to set up a new division which would sell exclusively via intermediaries. The type of business they sought was to market their products to high net worth individuals to whom they could then sell a variety of investment products and other banking services.

This meant that each intermediary had to be carefully chosen so as to achieve the right results.

Training/coaching solution: Genesis Business Services were involved in the selection of the original sales personnel, the development of the initial team, development of the managers and subsequent Executive Coaching.

Results: The Year One results (from a zero start) were predicted to be at best, £600 million. A subsequent Merrill Lynch analyst downgraded that forecast after 4 months to £500 million….the result… £950 million. We have been asked now to develop a vast array of people from different divisions due to the success of our approach.

Client D (Large Family Owned Mortgage Packager)

Key Account Contact : Angie Glanville

Scenario: Established family business needing to realise potential as a more effective corporate player

Training/coaching solution: Genesis Business Services assisted the new MD, undertook communications skills training with the aim of improving conversion rates and reducing “not proceeding with” cases. Customer care improvements validated with external audits

Results: Programme of activities in progress