Don't take our word for it! What our clients say about us...

Neeting Brain Instruments

"Neil's training has shaped the skill set and structure of our intermediary sales force and his bespoke approach has ensured that the training has been accurately targeted. The Brain Profile work has underpinned this and made its way into common language within this sales force - without the Brain Profile we would have struggled to move the business and the people in the way we have.

The success of any training has to be measured by the outcomes - we have had a record year (post Neil’s first training) and won numerous relationship management awards - on top of that we keep asking him to do more!"

Mark Richardson
National Sales Director
Barclays Home Finance, UK Banking

"I have worked with Genesis over many years and they help identify my training needs responsibly and intelligently and then develop and deliver focussed solutions."

European Sales and Marketing Director, $300 million US manufacturer supplier to the aerosol industry

"Facilitate is a young but fast growing service company. We have worked with Genesis since we set up the company five years ago and they have helped us through some of the growing pains you would expect when you grow from 3 to 23 staff. We particularly appreciated their help at our company meeting last year when they helped us put together a great programme which has led to improvements in the way we work together.

We have also collaborated with Genesis on behalf of our clients. A highlight was the co-ordination of a program of activities for 150 people in the desert in Morocco which combined the competitive fun of team games whilst learning more about building an effective team."

Ann Dieckmann
Managing Director

"King Harold School has been using the brain profile system provided by Genesis for some 5 years. Genesis over this period has been excellent with our students giving them a detailed insight of the understanding the profile brings them. This has led to many of our students understanding who they are and what they can achieve. Genesis has fully backed and supported our programme which is now part of our key stage 4 programme of enterprise education and is integrated into our ICT delivery. This profile forms an integral part of the e portfolio produced by every year 10 student."

Malcolm Burnett
Business Development Manager and manager of training centre at King Harold School.

"Oxygen are delighted to be working with Neil and his Genesis team who have helped us strategically grow our business over the last 12 months. We can always rely on Neil to help us achieve our goals"

David Matthews-Hillyard
Managing Director
Oxygen Mortgages.

"Genesis' input has been very valuable in helping us to institute change, and become a more customer-focussed company.  They have made an important contribution to our on-going training programme with specialist training in their own areas of expertise.  We continue to use their services on a regular basis."

Jane Willis
Quality/Training Manager
R W Freight Services Ltd.

"I have known Neil for many years. He is without doubt the foremost trainer in our industry and when you think about the size of the mortgage market today that’s really saying something. Neil works with all of our sales staff no matter what stage in their development they are at. His training and mentoring is a feature of our sales team development programme. Neil is a natural communicator and has the ability to earn people’s respect within minutes of meeting them. I consider Neil to be a good friend and mentor and I have recommended him to many industry colleagues in a variety of organisations. He has never let anyone down or disappointed them."

Peter Beaumont
Deputy Chief Executive
Mortgages plc.