Becoming a Whole Brain Practitioner

Neeting Brain Instruments

As a Whole Brain Practitioner you will be certified to use and sell the Brain Profile to individuals and organisations. This will mean you can run presentations to individuals and groups. At the end of the comprehensive Practitioner training programme, you will:

  • have an in-depth understanding of the Brain Profile and other instruments
  • be in a position to generate income
  • be qualified to use the Brain Profile within your company, school or own business
  • understand how different thinking preferences are expressed in behavioural terms
  • have greater insight into your own thinking preferences and how this impacts on your day-to-day life and relationships
  • understand how people learn and be more effective in the design and delivery of your teaching and training
  • maximize your impact as a coach
  • know how to adapt your language to match that of others
  • be able to help others be more effective and successful in their communication, selling, leadership and rapport building
  • provide people with greater insight into how to enhance their personal and working relationships

Once accredited, you will receive your own site on the Internet to administer your clients e.g. where you can assign your own clients, access their completed profiles, create group profiles, view related jobs and do their skills and negativity profiles. Once they have completed their profiles, you can access and download their reports and either e-mail/fax them or create paper reports.

For further details of the next Whole Brain Practitioner Training, contact Heather France on or on 01245 422275.

The 2 day workshop offers an in-depth look into the different quadrants of the brain and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse a person’s thinking preferences. The cost is 695 plus VAT.