Customer Audit

Neeting Brain Instruments

What do your customers think of you as an organisation and the service you provide?

When do they use you? What do they see as your strengths?

When do they place business with one of your competitors? Which competitors? What factors influence that decision?

Or, have you had any feedback from customers like…

“All I needed were some simple facts and I had to speak to three people before I got an answer!”
“I feel frustrated because you don’t call back when you say you will”
“No-one seems to take ownership of my query”
“I only ever speak to Sue as she is always so helpful”
“Actually you are very easy to do business with”

Do you know what impact your investment in training and development is having on the service perceived by your customers?

If you are not sure whether or not you can answer some of the above, your company could benefit from undertaking a customer audit.

Genesis Business Services has significant experience of carrying out telephone surveys. This is not simply a “tick-box” exercise – but through the development of simple, effective questions and the skilful probing of the interviewer, you can gain invaluable qualitative, as well as quantitative, information on what your customers think and feel.

Positive Outcomes


  • focusses on the most important person, i.e the customer, and re-inforces the view of your company as a professional organisation which recognises the importance of customer care and professional excellence. How much does it cost to acquire a major new customer?
  • highlights strengths and differentiators on which to build, as well as potential areas for development
  • provides information on your main competitors and why customers select them, helping to identify true strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

Customer Service

  • provides both a quantitative measure of client satisfaction and qualitative feedback on service levels and perceptions
  • can quantify the relative importance of observations made during any research on employee skills undertaken by yourselves or by Genesis Business Services i.e which skills/behaviours are most noticed by the customer? which are having the most impact?


  • is cost-effective - aids operational efficiencies as it provides specific information which will allow you to prioritise and target client activities and internal training or other solutions

Continual Development

  • provides an important link with training programmes, monitoring their effectiveness and ongoing needs
  • improves motivation of your employees by having a measure of client satisfaction at a point in time and improvements/trends thereafter
  • provides valuable information on the performance criteria for employees in various roles which can be fed into job descriptions, appraisal forms, performance management and development planning